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Why to choose Wolff points heating systems ?

All these problems are solved with a Wolff points heating system standing for longevity and no maintenance. It´s terminal head, either sealed or detachable, is fully waterproof (IP 65). A Wolff points heating system cares automatically and reliably for freedom from snow and ice between stock rail and switch blade as well as in locking boxes and crossings with movable frogs.

During the cold season of the year, even without great deals of snow, it is not unusual that switch blades of an unheated point switch freeze on the stock rails or even on the slide chairs. This effect occurs at unfavourable places already at outside temperatures of less the + 3 °C, favoured by cold due to evaporation. In that way the point switch is no longer adjustable and a disruption of operations will be the consequence. Personnel is needed to clear the point switch, but not sufficiently available at all times not to mention the financial extra expenses.

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