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Our scope of supply

Our heating elements are of Swiss precision manufacture made by our longtime partner:

Heating element with complete ferrule terminal

on request with sealed terminal head

with cable H07BQ-F 2 x 1,5 mm² oder 3 x 1,5 mm²

we supply

- all heating elements used within the network of the DB AG,

 with and without cabels, DB-skeleton contract no.: 564 / 00 / 92011137 cred.-no.: 394378 

- all types of points heating systems: stock rail-, switch blade-, locking box- and crossing heatings

 - 2-pole heating elements without protective conductor , 3-pole heating elements with protective conductor and

 on request, heating elements with additional outside located earthing screw

  with protective        without protective

 conductor connection    conductor connection


up to ca. 6000 mms of length

- all tensions as AC and DC, i.e.

16 2/3 Hz - 231 V

50 Hz - 230 V / 400 V

DC - 600 V / 650 V / 750 V

as well as all possible interim values

- various specific powers from approx. 200 W/m up to 450 W/m,

in exceptional cases higher and lower powers are available.

On application of heating elements in grooved rail areas, power of more than

 250 W/m are not recommended due to the reason that the poor heat transmission within the protection pipe

 or the heating chamber of the grooved rail point switch will lead into an overheating of the heating element.

- material qualities designed to user specification:

1. CN 18/8 the rugged and economically priced standard quality for rough application in the area of vignole rails

 2. MONEL 400 the salt and acid resistant quality for those areas where grit and de-icing agents are used, especially if channel rails are concerned

 - different forms of heating elements:

1. flat heating elements F12, cross-section flat-oval, 13,2 mms x 5,3 mms,

 bent, cranked by half the head diameter or straight

 2. round heating element R8, cross-section round, 8,2 mms, straight, with or without outer earth screw

we also supply:

- all mounting material, i.e. clamping yokes, connecting head fastener, clamps, screws, etc.

- accessories, i.e. terminal boxes, cables, cable protecting tubes

- electronic components, i.e. moisture and temperature control, temperature monitor,

snow detector, tension control, power relais, transformer-switching relais, etc.

- spare parts and repairs for FRABA-equipment

and moreover


- clamping yokes for automatic train operation cables at the rail

- universal-flange-groove rails

- rail drainage boxes


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