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The system

Electrolux-heating elements are mounted on the base of the rail by means of special clamp straps made of corrosion-resistent chrome-nickel steel. The chosen surface pressure guarantees an optimum in heat transfer. Beyond that it allows an unavoidable linear extension of the heating elements without limitation. The strong fixing of the connecting heads prevents the heating elements from creeping (see description below).

Prefered types of heating elements :

2200 mm  230 V /   900 W 2pol.  curved

2870 mm  230 V /   900 W 2pol.  curved

3720 mm  230 V / 1200 W  2pol. curved

4700 mm  230 V / 1500 W  2pol. curved

1100 mm  230 V /  250 W  2pol.  cranked

1100 mm  230 V /  450 W  2pol.  cranked

The absolute watertightness of the connecting heads made of chrome-nickel steel does not allow humidity or dirt to penetrate. The connecting head sleeve is inside plasticized for electric insulation. A wide spanner flat and only two sealing points are two more advantages of the Electrolux-heating elements.

The end of the heating element is waterproof filled up with synthetic resin.

The conductor is connected with the heating element by means of plugs of 6,3 mms. This allows to change a broken cable or heating rod at any time.


 1. Connecting head fastener made of GGG 40,

 material no. 00219200

 2. High strength screw M 10 x 210 mms,


3. Connecting head rest made of

chrome-nickel steel 18/10

material no. 00219201

 4. Nut M10, self-locking, DIN 980

Creeping of heating elements caused by vibrations is not possible due to this special method of fastening.

Electrical heating of the point-interlocking and central interlocking spaces

The German Federal Railways Central Office at Munich (work division 2616) has granted technical authorisation for our proposal of supply, in accordance with drawing Elh 00.09.05 and has released it for installation.

Two heating elements of 1.100 mms length, each with 250 respect. 450 W, without protective earth, with straight, separable junction head, are mounted on two divided base plates, which are laid on the ballast bed in the space between sleepers under rods and locking pieces. Owing to the weight of the plates additional fastening to the wooden or concrete sleepers is not necessary.

The base plates are provided with 200 mms long slots. The heating elements are fastened with clamps and screws to the base plate. Screws are fitted with their heads upwards. The two stop and locking nuts have the effect that even with already installed base plates the carrier can still be shifted. The base plates are connected with two mounting links.

Melt and rain water can flow away immediately into the ballast bed. In this way sufficient drainage is achieved which is of considerable benefit owing to the narrowness of the space between sleepers.


Advantages :

- continous heating for rods and closing device

- precise arrangement of heating elements

- steady warming of the ballast bed, thereby:

- no renewed glaciation of defrosting water

- no fastening at the sleepers

- no change of space between the sleepers

- easy change of heating elements without loss of screws


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